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    Optimize creation of large INDB that is exported as an interactive PDF


           I'm running into some speed issues when creating an InDesign Book that is exported as an Interactive PDF.  This process is being scripted using JSX and executed on an InDesign CC server.  I've tried various combinations of settings for interactivePDFExportPreferences and none of which seem to make a difference.  I do not think it is taking InDesign that long to create the book itself, most of the the time is spent actually exporting it as a the Interactive PDF.


           Some background info, a 'single page PDF' for every page of the publication has already been created.  Most of the pages also have had -- what I call a hyperlink overlay -- another INDD file created that contain rectangles with hyperlinks.  Every 'single page PDF' is then imported into a new INDD and if there is a corresponding 'hyperlink overlay' then it is duplicated on top of the 'single page PDF' then the result is saved as a new INDD. The result is then an INDD for every page of the publication that will be used in creating the InDesign Book.


           Now that we have an InDesign doc for every page we script the creation of a INDB and that will be exported as an Interactive PDF.  This is where my question comes in.  Does anyone have any suggestions to optimize the creation of an InDesing Book that is exported as an Interactive PDF?  The resulting PDF is taking just over a half an hour to create just for an 80 page publication.  Some of our publications are 300+ pages, so the time it will take to create that size of a book and export to PDF is unacceptable.


           I'd also like to note that the resulting Interactive PDF that was exported from the InDesign Book will be used with 3D Issue for viewing online.  The hyperlinks added -- thus the need to have the PDF interactive -- will link listings/ads in our publication on 3D Issue to the respective piece of inventory on our website(s).


           Another solution I'm currently entertaining is threading the creation of the InDesign Book and splitting it up which would result in multiple smaller Interactive PDFs which then I'd write something to combine them into a single PDF.


      with ( app.interactivePDFExportPreferences )
          exportLayers = false;
          exportReaderSpreads = false;
          flipPages = false;
          generateThumbnails = false;
          includeStructure = false;
          interactivePDFInteractiveElementsOption = InteractivePDFInteractiveElementsOptions.INCLUDE_ALL_MEDIA; //APPEARANCE_ONLY
          pageRange = PageRange.ALL_PAGES;
          pageTransitionOverride = PageTransitionOverrideOptions.NONE; //FROM_DOCUMENT;
          pdfJPEGQuality = PDFJPEGQualityOptions.HIGH;
          pdfMagnification = PdfMagnificationOptions.DEFAULT_VALUE;
          pdfPageLayout = PageLayoutOptions.SINGLE_PAGE_CONTINUOUS; //SINGLE_PAGE; //DEFAULT_VALUE;
          pdfRasterCompression = PDFRasterCompressionOptions.JPEG_COMPRESSION; //AUTOMATIC_COMPRESSION (same time using auto, but resulting file is 2x the size)
          rasterResolution = 192; // No time diff between 144 or 192 DPI but there was a noticeable quality diff


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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't think this is actually a scripting issue.


          The speed at which InDesign creates an interactive pdf is not something

          that can be changed with a script.


          However, you may want to ask on the main InDesign forum to see anything

          can be done to your files to make the export process quicker (perhaps

          reducing graphics in photoshop first, etc.) An hour and a half for a PDF

          clearly is problematic.


          Could be someone there has an idea.

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            mrObvious Level 1

                 Thanks for the reply.  I agree, the script itself is not the issue.  I was hoping someone out there knew of a little export preference/setting that could help me out.  I know reducing the quality of some of the graphics or even the PDFs themselves would help reduce the time it takes.  Reducing the quality of both graphics and the output PDF have been attempted.  However, 3D Issue allows for zooming in and when the output quality has been reduced and a user zooms in it looks pretty bad.  Also it didn't give me enough time/quality trade-off to justify reducing the quality.


                 I did however find another solution.  PDFsharp is a great open source solution.  Instead of creating all the INDDs and using InDesign create a INDB and export to a PDF.  I can now create PDFs in the first place and use .NET and the PDFsharp library to combine all the PDFs into a single PDF.  This is much faster and without any quality sacrifices!  I wish I would have looked into this type of solution before spending hours trying to figure out a way to optimize the creation of an INDB.