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    Import files with save copy to Microsoft Onedrive

    RemoNonaz Level 1

      Now that Microsoft is offering Office 365 with unlimited Onedrive storage, I am planning to subscribe to the service. I would like to use the Onedrive space to be my tertiary backup storage for my photo files. (I have an external 2TB hard drive as the primary backup.) I have two questions regarding this service and file backup:


      1. Can anyone recommend a software package that would automatically synchronize in my computer and Onedrive? I was using Duplicati to copy files onto some Google storage I have, but that has ceased to work and I think it may be due to changes in Duplicati's software and sales model. This was not synchronization - it was a copy and backup function.


      2. If an automatic synchronization is not possible, I can certainly copy all of my existing files to Onedrive - though it would take a long time. Going forward, I would like to use the "create second copy" feature of Lightroom import to put copies of new raw files out on Onedrive. Has anyone successfully tried this and could they comment on the feasibility of doing this?