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      I used the Adobe's Royalt free song in my video to apply in a competition and the evoluators are asking me about authorship of the sonsgs "Admiration and reverence" and "Aura". If someone could help me I'll be grateful.

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          I already answered this question that you tacked on to the thread of another. Please see

          Can I use the songs that come with adobe Premiere Elements for commercial use/film?


          But thank you for starting your own new thread so that we can focus on your particular situation.


          We will watch for your replies in the thread that we are in now.


          Thank you.




          Add On...I decided to do a copy/paste of my reply from the other thread for your convenience.

          "C. Raio


          We are not Adobe here. Rather user to user.


          In the threads that I have read here the following is the user to user reply on this matter that is seen regarding project assets....Music Scores in this case....


          The Music Score soundtracks are from the Adobe Premiere Elements (12 or 13) Music Score selections within the program.

          And, they can be used in the users choice of export. As for "authorship", I guess you would point to Adobe, Premiere Elements version, Music Score.


          Would the evaluators settle for the above information?