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    Tina54 Inported dvd disc in to Premiere Elements 12


      Inported dvd disc in to Premiere Elements 12, 5 clips first clip ok for 35 sec then sound goes very slow and squeaky ? all the other clips sound fine. Using Windows 8.1, 64 bit, 8 gb ram. Please could someone help sort this problem out. Thanks

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 8.1 64 bit. Have you updated 12 to the 12.1 Update using an opened project's Help Menu Update? If not, please do so.


          What did you import with your dvd disc.....

          a. DVD-VIDEO files (VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, and so on)


          b. some miscellaneous files that were stored on a DVD disc (data disc)


          What choice did you make under Expert workspace/ Add Media?


          We will be watching for further details.



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            tina54 Level 1

            Thank You A.T.R for your help.


            I re-installed premiere elements thinking that would help so all up dates are up to date, I did as you asked.


            a, video ts  (Philipsdvd_vr)


            Add media from edit,, Files and Folders


            The clip i am having trouble with the sound in the edit time line,


            File Path: F/videos (F) drive/elements 12 capture/elements 12 cap_

            Type: mpeg movie

            File size: 10240 mb

            Image size: 352 x 576

            Frame rate: 25.00

            Source: audio fomat 48000 hz compresed-stereo

            Project: audio fomat 48000 hz bit floating point-stereo

            Total duration 00 43 13 07

            Pixel aspect ratio 21818



            Thanks again A.T.R

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I suspect what you have are DVD.vr files (VRO format) probably recorded to a DVD-RAM disc. And, the frame size is 352 x 576, not the typical 720 x 576 that you would see for PAL DVD-VIDEO format on a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc, not DVD-RAM. Also, it appears to be atypically oriented portrait instead of landscape.

              Video are typically 4:3 or 16:9. I have not run into pixel aspect ratio 21818.


              You have very low resolution files whose resolution will be increased to 720 x 576 pixels which is characteristic for Premiere Elements burn to disc DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc....some concern for pixelated end product.


              All that being said, please consider the following for overall effect of the behavior of your files in the Premiere Elements Timeline....


              Before you import your .vr file into Premiere Elements, please rename just the file extension from .vr to .mpg and determine if that makes any difference

              with your issue.


              At this point, I am not suspecting Premiere Elements as the problem, but rather the atypical name of your source. But, we will let the details lead us. In spite of my comments about "atypical", it is interesting that the only issue you are reporting is with the audio of these files.


              Do you have any DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc that you could put through the process as your source for comparison?


              We will be looking forward to your results.


              Thank you.



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                tina54 Level 1

                Hi A.T.R


                Thank you for your concern and help.


                The dvd i am having trouble with one of the clips importing in to premere elements is a Four Nations Rugby game nearly 3 h long which my friend copied for me on his dvd recorder.


                I tried to change the extension file vr jpeg but it wouldn't let me .


                I tried another dvd (Prj 20110330) no problem.




                File Path: c/users/alan/videos/vts_01_5.vob

                Type: mpeg movie

                Image Size: 720 x 576

                Frame Rate:25.00

                Source Audio Fomat: 48000 hz-compressed-stereo

                Roject Audio Fomat: 48000 hz-32bit floating point-stereo

                Total Duration: 00 . 16 51 17

                Pixel Aspect Ratio 1.0940


                I don't think i can sort this proublem out ? but i ham happy that i can import other fomats ok.


                Thanks Alan

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Good news that you were successful with the DVD-VIDEO structure that uses the VTS_01_1.VOB and series for its video files.


                  Is there any chance the sender of the .vr could record the footage to a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc instead of DVD-RAM disc. I am suspecting the choice of the disc in this case as the problem. On the DVD-R and DVD-RW you should be getting the VOB video files instead of the vr files (VRO) of the DVD-RAM.

                  That is my take on the situation at the moment.


                  Did you try to rename just the file extension of the .vr files to .mpeg? If so, may be try .vr to .vob.


                  If you cannot get the footage to be sent to you as video files with .vob file extension, maybe conversion to VRO to VOB might work

                  with MPEG Streamclip.



                  Please review and consider and then we can explore the matter further.


                  Thanks for the follow ups.