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    Distorted Style and Swatch Names in InDesign Palettes: Anyone had this issue?


      It appears that for some files with styles converted from older versions of InDesign (CS3 in this case) in Creative Cloud (2014, fully updated), that style and swatch names will be distorted or blanked if type (or an object) in the body of a document is selected (or when the style/swatch is being applied).


      It remains the case if an IDML file is produced from the old file and then reopened, rebuilding the file, so I don't believe this is an issue with the files themselves. I thought it might be a font issue, but we use FontAgent Pro for managing our fonts, and they all pass verification (and the problem persists even after issuing sudo atsutil databases -remove in the Terminal and rebooting).


      Has anyone else had issues with this? It does not appear to affect the functionality of the style/swatch itself, but it is weird, and I couldn't find a fix in any of the fora.


      UPDATE: via Chat with Om at Adobe, it's suggested that I open the old files first in CS6, then save, and then reopen in CC2014. I'll try this and see what happens. [Edited to add:] It's not clear this resolves the issue, since it appears that the problem is intermittent. It's past applicability for this sets of files, since they've already made changes and are about ready to go to press, but it's also odd that even the swatches named [Paper] and [Black] are similarly garbled whenever it happens.


      Weird. It's now happening on someone's workstation, so I grabbed a copy of the file to see if I could reproduce the issue. No dice. The intermittency makes this hard to diagnose, but I do not believe the files themselves are at fault.



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      Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.31.21 AM copy.png  Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.50.51 AM copy.png  MASTERScreen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.37.36 AM.png


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