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    Put your glasses on to read a date or get hit with a wet mackerel.


      Angry big wigs get tired of dummies like me who visit discussions and accidentally, in the spirit of learning, accidentally respond to old posts.   Woe is me.  


      Don't make that mistake or you'll get hit with a nasty remark by an Adobe big wig,  and closure of an old post.  


      I will put my glasses on in the future if I venture to follow this forum in the future, to make sure I never make that mistake again.  


      In stead of being helpful and friendly, when  I responded to a 3 year old post (I agree I was not looking at the minute detail of the date and simply enchanted with the new tool), an Adobe Indesign BIG WIG rudely SNAPS at my post and quickly closes the thread. 


      Why didn't you close the thread 3 years ago champ?


      I recommend taking a moment to realize your rudeness was inappropriate and could have  been handled much more appropriately, as a representative of Adobe, by poking fun at my lack of detail (regarding the date).


      I also recommend closing your old posts if you're going to get angry about something so minor, toward a contributor and Creative Cloud subscriber whose honest intent was to be helpful.


      Kindness trumps arrogance, Bob.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would agree that Bob can be curt or short with people at times. However, I feel that you're taking what happened in the InDesign forum too personally. Keep in mind that we are not Adobe employees. We are users like you who come here to help others.


          Technology is changing very fast, particularly in digital publishing. What was happening in 2011 can be totally changed in three years. It's important to look for current information. Unfortunately, there is no one who is paid to remove old posts from years ago that people find in Google searches. You're on your own to find more current information.


          Good luck to you in your search, and don't get discouraged or angry. We'll help you if you can ask us questions with politeness and respect.

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            wildwebwest Level 1

            You got that right.   I have asked all questions with politeness and respect.  You know that yourself. 


            But when I receive a sharp comment from someone like Bob Levine which is totally inappropriate, it brings out the Sumo Warrior in me.  My comments were entirely helpful and I don't know that someone with such a hard edge should be answering the community.   Maybe he should take a break.  I was having such a fun time - trying to be helpful.   He took my comments and spewed out bitterness.   OUCH!     This exchange could have been avoided by Bob just closing the thread.  ....  or pointing out nicely that I responded to a thread that was old. 


            The writing is really small on the discussions, but believe me, I will not make that mistake in the future.  Date, Date, Date.   Don't dare to reply to an old thread.  Big Bob will flush you.


            Again, the wet mackerel approach really does set the stage.  I have no anger Steve.  Thats Bob's mantra.   I have defended Adobe Creative Cloud and apps to the core.  


            But I find that sharp, rude comments deserve a bit of retrospect. 


            I will simply make sure I look at the dates if I venture out again, to be helpful.   I will avoid Bob Levine at all costs.   I prefer to surround myself with positive individuals.


            Have a wonderful Day Steve.