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    List actions in script ex. JavaScript / .Net


      Is there any way to get the list of actions from photoshop with script?

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          Yes Action sets and Action within sets. Action names are unique in sets but not between sets. For example: All loaded action sets could have an "action 1" and each "Action 1" action could do something different.   So you need to identify both the Action Set name as well as the Action Name. To address a particular action. However loaded Action set name do not have to be unique and action sets can be loaded for m anywhere. So enev with Action set name, Action name there cam be duplicates  that do different things. Or be different versions of an action.


          xTools has a javascript in its Apps folder that will put up a dialog list with the total sets loaded total actions and list them all. You can save that list with the dialog buttons. The script name is "ActionLister.js".