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    Flex Ajax Bridge Question

      How can I gather information from objects within the application. Ely's demo had a slider with an event listener attached to trace the value when it changed. The callback event was fired and the js function wrote the traced value. I have tried the same thing with a working application and the example code he provided.


      function getSlider(){

      var flexApp = FABridge.flash.root();



      If i trace the value of flexApp.getMyslider() I receive a valid javascript object. When I try to getValue() of the slider its dying.

      My MXML is extreamly strait forward


      <mx:HSlider snapInterval=".01" id="slider" liveDragging="true" x="32" y="190"/>
      <bridge:FABridge bridgeName="flash" id="flash"/>

      I have other examples working just fine with event listeners, did the function name for retreiving values change? What am I doing wrong? :)

      -Ryan @ iMart.com