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    Flash compression of JPG not as good as in PhotoShop

    Karaczono Level 1

      I save JPG with no compression from image software (Ps), it has 1.45 MB

      Import it to FLV

      Set compression from FLV to 76%, set no smoothing

      Compiled SWF file has 280 KB - only 5 KB more than JPG (275 KB) when I compress it from a image software (Ps).

      What indicates that I used very similar compression value in FLV as in image software.

      Now the size is almost the same. So should be the quality.


      Under the link you can see:

      on the left - preview of the image from Flash Player, SWF,

      on the right - preview from Windows PhotoViewer that looks on the JPG compressed using Photoshop

      Both files: SWF and JPG have almost identical size. SWF is 5KB larger than JPG.

      But as we can see the quality of bitmap from SWF is lower than the one from JPG.

      Easily seen on the edges of the heart.


      Any idea why?