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    I am looking to get a new computer.  Where do i start or how do i go about getting all my current products, plugins and software on to the new computer?  I currently have Lightroom 5 and CS 5.


      I am looking to update my computer over the next few weeks and I am wondering how to go about with the transition of all the software(CS5 and LR), plugins and setup on to the new computer.  I have specific plugins that i purchased for PS and have Magic Bullet Looks for AE.  I was also wondering what i am going to have to do with LR.  I have almost 750GB of media on a raid drive on what will be the old computer.  The majority of my media is stored on a segate external drive so that wont be that big of a problem.  What i was going to do with the old computer is add a few more hard drives to the RAID and make it a system drive.


      Where do i start and what other concerns should i be having?


      Thanks in advance!