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    Multiple secure zones with forms that disappear (or a redirect link) if user is logged in


      I'm in search of a --- simple and best -- way to create a form for a secure zone that disappears and re-directs the user appropriately once they are logged in. I have two separate secure zones, but if I depend on the Secure Unauthorized system page to pop up for the secure zone URL, I cannot use that same form for the other one. The Secure Unauthorized logs them in (to whatever zone they have access to), but doesn't direct them appropriately. I want to be able to show a page that is specific for their log in access.


      Right now, if I create two separate forms that go to a specific zone, the form remains wherever I place it and cannot be used as direct link to the page once they've logged in - without them having to log into the form again.


      Any suggestions or work arounds on this would be welcome.