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    Lr Mobile. Working with various Catalogs. Picture on portal are erased when Catalogs Backed to external HD and removed from MacBook.


      So I work with various Catalogs on my MacBook. I believe most everyone has the same workflow. Creating Catalogs are a great way to improve the performance of Lr and a great tool for archiving.


      The problem is the following: When backing up these Catalogs to an external HD and removing the Catalog from the MacBook. All of the pictures synched to Lr Mobile from these Catalogs are erased.


      This is uncool. I think Lr Mobile at the very least should display a low quality JPG as Lr Desktop application does.


      Here is a toke, I noticed on my iPhone that even though the pictures are gone, my used memory remains high. I tried clearing cache but it didn't move the needle.


      So it seems as Lr Mobile knows there were some pictures synched, and recognizes that these pictures are no longer present, but fails to erase them from memory.


      1) Need Low quality JPGs on Lr Mobile to show pictures of your synched catalogs that are not longer the catalogs been worked on.

      2) Lr Mobile (iPhone?) memory issues.