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    FLVPlayback: click the seekbar, mayke playhead jump there

      I have written a Flash player from scratch where you can click the timeline and the playhead jumps to where you clicked, and then stays attached to your mouse as you scrub left and right (it scrubs the video cleanly) and then release anywhere to drop the playhead in that spot. if the video was playing when you started, it would resume playing. if the video was paused on the other hand, it would stay paused after the scrub.
      Now i'm thinking of switching over to the FLVPlayback component (potentially its less code to maintain, its nicely scalable, its nicely skinnable, it doesn't seem to rely on BytesLoaded to know how but an flv is). In the default implementation of the FLVPlayback component, there is no way to scrub in any other way than clicking the playhead triangle: seek bar handle. You click that, scrub with it in any way. I tried to hack the component so you click on the seek Bar and the handle jumps there. I also tried to have it affix itself to the mouse until you let go, which works BUT
      there is a big problem where if i move it around too fast - the seek events get stuck in a qeue...has anyone done anything like this with FLVPlayback component?