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    How would you set up your hard drives if you had these to work with

    VidNoob Level 1

      So I currently have :

      1 internal 1 Tb 7200 HDD

      1 internal 300gb 7200 HDD


      This is all im using right now, but I also have a 3 TB external that I use to store media and also edit from. I was bringing the footage into the internal drives to edit from but space was growing thin.


      I bought other drives to redo my entire hard drive set up while incorporating the old ones as well


      1 2 Tb internal 7300 HDD

      2 250gb SSD (They are however not the same brand.)


      If someone could please give an opinion on how they would set these up from scratch that would be swell, or you can also recommend adding in another drive into the mix as well.