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    11/18/2014 - Beta - AIR Runtime and SDK

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Adobe AIR Beta Channel Update


      This beta release provides access to the latest AIR runtime and SDK (with compiler) for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.  You can download the AIR beta here: Download Adobe AIR 16 Beta - Adobe Labs


      Below are some of the key features and benefits of AIR 16. Please see our release notes for full details.


      New Features:


      • Stage3D Wireframe Mode Support

      To help designers and developers create robust and efficient 3D content, we've added Wireframe support into AIR desktop. This option can be changed by setting Context3D's setFillMode() to "wireframe" or "solid".


      • VideoTexture Support in AIR (Windows and Mac Beta)

      We've introduced a new ActionScript feature that allows hardware accelerated video to be used as a source texture in a Stage3D environment.  Currently, using video with Stage3D requires the use of the Video object, which is not accelerated, and manipulation of the bitmap representations of the video frames. This new feature, called VideoTexture, allows direct access to a texture object that is sourced from a Netstream or Camera object.


      The following sample code demonstrates the use of the VideoTexture object.


      1. Create a VideoTexture object and attach a NetStream (or Camera) object to the VideoTexture object:


      var ns:NetStream;

      var context3D:Context3D;

      var texture:VideoTexture;

      texture = context3D.createVideoTexture();



      texture.addEventListener(VideoTexture.RENDER_STATE, renderFrame);


      2. A texture representation of the current video frame can be retrieved from the callback function for the VideoTexture.RENDER_STATES event.


      function renderFrame(e:Event):void


      // Render on stage3D with VideoTexture



      Please note that this is an "extended beta" feature. The initial implementation is for Windows AIR only. We are committed to expanding this feature to AIR mobile and Mac in a following release. We'll also consider an implementation in Flash Player if there is sufficient demand.


      • Stage3D - Standard Constrained Profile

      In version 14 of the Runtime we added the new Standard profile to desktop systems.  In Version 15 we expanded that to mobile devices in AIR.  In Flash Player 16 we've added a new Standard Constrained profile.  Like Baseline Constrained, Standard Constrained targets older and lower powered GPUs on both desktop and mobile devices.  While Standard profile reached ~21% of iOS devices, Standard Constrained can now reach more than 85%.  Developers can access this by using the new STANDARD_CONSTRAINED constant in Context3DProfile.  The chart below breaks down the differences between the different profiles that are available.





      Fixed Issues:

      • Android 5.0] Stage3D fails to create context on Android 5.0.
      • Crash on iOS devices on calling CameraRoll.LoadPromise function with new fast packaging engine.
      • [Launch Image] Adobe Air Runtime initiates the wrong launch image (default@2x.png), when default@2x.png and Default-375w-667h@2
      • x.png images are packaged.
      • [iPhone 6 Plus] Launch image Default-414w-736h@3x.png is not appearing on iPhone 6 Plus in standard display mode.
      • Multiple security and stability issues


      Known Issues:

      • [iPhone 6 Plus] Wrong screen size and dpi is returned through the runtime APIs.
      • [iPhone 6 Plus] iPad Launch image is displayed on iPhone 6 Plus in standard display mode.
      • Unable to install the application on iOS Simulator after updating iOS SDK and iPhone simulator with 7.1.
      • [HMAOT] Hurlant Base64,encode doesn't work with new fast packaging engine.
      • iOS tlfText not rendering, when application packaged with new fast packaging engine.
      • [VideoTexture] Mac VideoTexture support temporarily disabled to correct a bug that occurred in shared Flash Player code. Will come back shortly.



      About the Beta Channel

      If you would like real-time notification for announcements related to the AIR Beta Channel please follow the Flash Runtime Announcements forums by choosing "Follow this forum" from the right-hand menu on the Forums page.


      You can find instructions for getting started with this release here: AIR Labs Page