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      • 1. Re: Edge Animate runs really slow

        Exact same thing here. Edge is horrible, extremely clunky. Nothing works well, and every patch adds new bugs. The Adobe logo taken off of the product, it has nothing in common with the other, working Adobe products. Not to mention we were forced to change our files order because... reason, Adobe decided to change it. Very convenient for me and my co-workers, and our hundreds of Edge files. ".upgraded" yes, if you say so.


        As far as I can tell, this program is not yet out of the beta stage. Don't add features, make the program works smoothly. Optimize it. Fix the bugs. Don't add new ones. AFTER THAT, add whatever you want.


        It took to 2 of us... 20 minutes to find 80% of the NEW bugs after the last "patch". Was it tested before release ? Understand me, I've worked with Adobe products for a long, long time, flawlessly. Edge is a stain on the company record (as for the cloud "thing"... it's not the subject here. But it can be a big part of the problem.)


        What are the plans for the future updates? Is there a clear roadmap?