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    Cannot download full Flash Player version

    cannot download update

      I have Windows 8.1 (64-bit) using Internet Explorer. (version 11).  I attempt to open a downloaded PDF file but it comes up with a black page with the following prompt box:  To view Flash technology content in this PDF file, install this version of Flash Player that supports Adobe Reader.  I proceed and the Adobe site notes that I need a full Flash player to view this content.  I then attempt to download the Flash Payer Installer for Windows (Active X and Plugin).  I then get this message when downloading Active X:  install_flash_player_ax_exe couldn't be downloaded.  I also get a similar message for Plugin (install_flash_player_exe couldn't be downloaded.  I then went to Flash Player Help and checked if Flash Player was installed and I have version 15.0.0.  I then tested the Flash Player and the animation box worked.  Then I enabled Flash Player, Disabled Active X Filtering and updated Internet Explorer to get latest Flash Player version.  Nothing works.  I am at a lost on how to get this "full" version of Flash Player that is required for me to view my file.  Any ideas on what can be done to fix this?