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    Move a table on a page spread.

    Jack Level 1

      My document is a 2015 calendar inherited from a third party. Days 1-30 of November are in a table grid which is misaligned from its parent page and needs to be moved.


      Borrowing from recollections in Adobe I  seem to be missing the familiar array of tools, one of which, when selected, allows user to movoe the selected object.


      In the case of my calendar the table of days for November 10-30 needs to be moved so that other elements of that month (holidays, moot phases, previous/next month) are correctly located within the 1-30, etc., array. Hope I am making myself clear here.


      How does one enable the 'move' tool when editing a spread in inDesign? With that ability I might be able to make the required move.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Do you mean you need to include more space into you cells? Make the height of the rows larger?

          Or do you mean you will insert information between the cells? Insert another row.


          Other? We will need a screen shot.

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            Migintosh Level 4

            Tables are created within text frames. If you want to move a table, you have to move the frame that holds the table. If the text frame can't be moved, it may be either:

            1. Locked on the document page
            2. Is on a locked layer
            3. Is on the master page (in which case, either release it from the master, or move it to a document page)
            4. Is on a master page, and is also locked or on a locked layer

            Does that help, or do you need more info?