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    Unable to UNinstall Adobe Cloud or Trial apps from my PC

    donindallas Level 1

      I initially installed Creative Cloud apps (several) last year as a second instance of my work-related CC subscription through my former employer. I am no longer employed there and that Adobe ID is no longer functioning. The net result is I have multiple Gigabytes of Adobe software installed on my home computer that I cannot use or afford on my own. Worse yet, the Creative Cloud manager, when signed in to my own personal Adobe ID does not give me any options but to TRY existing apps or INSTALL ones I never used before. There is NO option to Remove or Uninstall these programs in the CC manager. Lastly, Windows Control Panel >Programs and Features shows not evidence that these programs are installed.  How do I get rid of them short of dragging it all into the Wastebasket (just kidding)?  Even a Trial I downloaded of RoboHelp is in the same state--no way to uninstall it.