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    Camera Raw Support for Canon 7D MkII

    Tom Croll_49

      Just trying to get some idea if I should spend the $99.00 to buy Aperture from the Apple Store.  This might sound a little over the top, but the work flow I miss by not having RAW support in Lightroom is worth the expense of buying Aperture.


      I do find it very disappointing that Adobe have not as yet provided support for the new Canon 7D MkII.  This will be a VERY popular camera.


      More importantly I find this tardiness on Adobe's part very disappointing because they market CC buy saying "You will always have up to date software".  When you consider Apple and Google Picasa have both already supported the Canon 7D MkII.  I might add they both had support for the camera within days of it's release on 31 of Oct.


      So after my little rant.

      Can anybody from Adobe advise when we will see Camera Raw support the new Canon 7DMkII?


      Even if it is in Beta form I would be very happy to be a Beta tester.  I have very extensive experience in testing software and would be prepared to do structured Beta testing.  I would be very happy if someone from Adobe Labs would contact me for the purpose of Beta testing Camera Raw support for the 7D MkII.


      Kind Regards

      Tom Croll

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          I'm hoping they have an update soon because right now I have to use Canon's DPP 4 software which is unusably slow and clunky.



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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Aperture is effectively a dead product, now, other than new camera updates for a while, so it’s probably easier to roll out a new version that only has new camera support.  Adobe is trying to improve their products and I’d suspect LR and ACR are waiting on other aspects of the product to be tested and finalized besides new camera support.  Of course if you just can’t wait, then I’m sure Apple would be happy to take your money seeing as Adobe beat them in the marketplace despite Apple being America’s largest company.

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              Tom Croll_49 Level 1

              Thanks ssprengel, you have clearly put into words what is currently reality at Adobe, and confirmed my suspicion of Aperture being a dead product.  Although Google's Picasa is not dead.


              I do realize Adobe Products are very well developed and software does take time to perfect before it gets released.  I have been in the software development game for 35 years

              But Camera RAW is an adjunct to Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier Pro etc.  As such the support for new camera models should be a relatively simple exercise and should not be held up by other R&D on the products that Camera Raw plugs into.  I believe they have in the past released updates to Camera Raw that essentially was just for new camera models.  I do realize I could be wrong on this point, but I fail to see why they can't achieve this outcome.


              Also, as I said Adobe Market Creative Cloud membership saying you will always be up to date. Or words to that effect.

              To have an Adobe support person get upset because he has a large number of people pestering Adobe, and not him personally, trying to get ans answer as to the timing of the release of support for a new camera model, quite frankly is totally unacceptable.  Not acceptable to the customers and not acceptable to the poor support person who has to handle disgruntled customers due to poor planning on Adobe's part.


              In my original post I made a very serious offer to do Beta Testing on support for the Canon 7DMkII Raw files.  But when i last checked with Adobe Labs the current Beta does not include support for this camera.


              There maybe extenuating circumstances around the timely supply of this support.  Like when did Canon provide the Specs for the 7D MkII and are those specs so different from other currently supported models.   Even some feedback as to what the problem is, would help us understand.


              I hope I have expressed my thoughts objectively and hope this discussion stream will get to management at Adobe.  In fact I am very inclined to ensure it does get to senior management.  I don't want to start writing a personal letter to the Chairman of Adobe's Board, but sometimes things do need a shake up.


              Kind Regards

              Tom Croll

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                Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                We've just released the new support for the 7D MkII with Lightroom 5.7. Here are the release details:  Lightroom 5.7 now available

                Let us know how it goes.



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                  Tom Croll_49 Level 1

                  Thanks to you Pete,


                  But I do shake my head in amazement that customers had not been made aware release was imminent.  Could have saved lots of angst.


                  However this is a good result.


                  Kind Regards

                  Tom Croll

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                    Tom Croll_49 Level 1

                    Hi Pete,

                    I used the Creative Cloud "Update" and it all worked seamlessly.  I now have all the photos loaded into my Lightroom catalogs and am in the process of catching up on my editing, lots of coffee tonight me thinks.


                    I have also done a quick test in Photoshop, Bridge, and Premier Pro and they also look good.


                    Thanks again

                    Tom Croll

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                      Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                      Thanks for the feedback and report of success. Lots of coffee tonight indeed, or an early start tomorrow?


                      Enjoy the update.



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                        ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        It’s keep it a secret or have a last minute bug throw a wrench in things, and have the stock price go down due to missing an announced delivery date.  I’m sure the Adobe folks who frequent these forums would like to tell everyone when the dates are and how things are going, but Adobe is a large company and that sort of policy gets determined by those in the finance or legal areas rather than engineering area.