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    Simple Actionscript help needed


      I'm still fairly new to all this, so you'll have to excuse what is probably a very simple question but I'd really appreciate some help with this.

      I am working on a presentation which starts with let's call it 'Movie_1'. After you've finished watching Movie_1, there are a number of buttons on the screen that lead you to four other movies. Let's say you wish to watch 'Movie_2' - you click on the 'Movie_2' button.

      At the moment, I am using the following code to load the new movie into a MC holder;


      The problem that I'm having is that the presentation seems to slow down a bit as you load new movies. I'm guessing that this is because I maybe need to 'unload' the previous movie? I'm not sure how I do this and would be really grateful for any help with the ActionScript.

      Many thanks in advance.