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    Choosing Color Profiles for Images Created on Film


      I just finished sending feedback to Adobe on one of its tutorials. The following is a copy of my message explaining my present predicament.

      << I have scanned film negatives and positive film transparencies dating back to the 1950's .I was the creator of most of these images but I do not remember the make or model of the cameras I was using at any point in time prior to 1974 and they all lack metadata. Prior to 2000 I used iPhoto and PS Elements for scanning, toning and development. Thus I can only guess what color profile I should use. I want to create TIFFS that will serve a dual purpose: exporting two formats, one for electronic sharing and the other for printing. On the Adobe CC, if I guess wrong, LR 5.6 64bit crashes immediately. Prior stand alone versions of LR and CS6 let you know that you had a color inconsistency, but they did not crash when you had made a wrong choice between srgb and ProPhoto. ACC gives me more options, but no warnings unless I am missing something your Help Files should contain.>>

      David Krupp Win7 64bit

      Chicago, IL 773-281-6278. d_krupp@sbcglobal.net