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    missing photos. Won't show me a path to Locate Photos


      I have 3 folders marked as missing. When I click on the question mark, and say Find Missing Folder, it brings up the Mac Finder window, with a list of all the contents in my external hard drive. It does not navigate me to the missing photos. When I search for the name of the folder, nothing comes up, nor when I search for names of individual missing photos, by searching for the IMG_xxx numbers. These supposedly missing folders are on my
      external drive called ``Backup'', which is weird, because I usually don't import photos to that drive, i import them into my external ``Photo Library'' drive and make a backup copy to the ``Backup'' drive (I use Super Duper, which does a copy-erase thing, where it erases the backup drive and writes over it with the new stuff). Maybe I made a mistake and opened Lightroom from my Backup drive one day and imported to there, and then when I made a backup of all my photos, by copying the ``Photo Library'' onto the ``Backup'' drive, it didn't save my photos because they got erased since Super Duper would have replaced what was on the Backup drive with what is on the Photo Library drive. That is my fear. Because I can't think of anything else. But it's strange because I never go to my backup drive. I always open Lightroom from the icon on the bottom of my desktop..... But I have looked all over the place for these photos or these folders. and no luck.
      But shouldn't my photos be somewhere if I can see them in Lightroom in thumbnail view (or even normal view, but they all say this photo is missing......? They must have been saved somewhere on one of my drives right?Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.03.13 PM.png

      Any guidance appreciated. Thanks.
      I'm using Lightroom 4 and an iMac.

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          bhousto90 Level 4

          From what is shown in Lightroom the missing folders were originally on the backup drive.

          You need to manually need tell Lightroom where those files/files are now by using finder, it will not automatically tell you where they are now.


          They are currently missing in Lightroom as they have been moved elsewhere, the files/folder were renamed outside of Lightroom or they have been deleted.

          If you can find the files and relink them, then everything will be restored.


          Though, if as you suggest the files were originally imported to the backup drive and then your backup process overwrote that drive then I am afraid you are out of luck.

          Lightroom may still have lower res previews of those files in the "YourCatalogName Previews.lrdata" folder.

          You may be able to recover those previews as last resort. (Search this forum for the process of preview extraction)


          A Lightroom catalog does not contain the actual full-res files (It keeps a link to the file location, editing history/steps and metadata etc within the catalog)


          Depending on how long ago your backup did the overwrite you may be able to also run Undelete software on that backup drive to recover some files. (If your backup overwrites each day since Oct 26th there would be a slim chance of recovery.)