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    Help building a Video Editing PC

    Jayson Smith

      Hey guys. I do a good amount of Premiere and AE work, and small amounts of Audition and Photoshop. I need a new computer. My PC that I'm using is too slow, and just isn't enough to get the job done efficiently. I will be building a computer. I have already decided what processor (i7 4790k), motherboard (Fatal1ty Z97 Killer), RAM (16gb), case, and PSU I will be getting. I need help on a few things.


      First, I cannot decide what Video Card to get. I know that they ease the load on the processor with graphics, but does the one you get make a big difference? The amount of money I want to spend on it is around $150.


      Next, I can't decide on a storage setup. I was watching Will Urbina's $1400 build (Which is about how much I want to be spending MAX) and he used a 120gb SSD for his boot drive and programs, a RAID 0 with two 1TB HDD for his scratch disk, and a RAID 0 with two 2TB HDD for Media Files. I was confused that he ran two 1TB HDDs for his scratch disk. I though that a scratch disk doesn't need that much space and also that you should use SSDs because they are faster. So can someone help explain this too me? Security is not a problem for me so I will be fine with a RAID 0. I also don't think I will be needing 4TB of Media File space because I will be moving everything over to an External (probably 2TB) frequently.


      So this is what I was thinking should be my setup.


      i7 4790k Processor

      Liquid Cooling

      Z97 Killer ASRock

      Vengeance 16gb RAM

      128gb SSD (Boot drive, OS, Programs)

      (2x) 1TB 7200 HDD (Scratch RAID 0)

      (2x) 1TB 7200 HDD (Media Drive RAID 0)

      EVGA Geforce GTX 660

      Corsair 750w PSU

      and then the other stuff like card reader, fans, dvd reader/burner, and case, and OS.