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    How to import GoPro Hero4 Black into Lightroom?

    Ayapic Level 1

      I just picked up a Hero4 Black and seem to be having problems automatically importing into Lightroom.


      With almost every other media device inserted into my Win8.1 (micro sd, dslr, other cams, etc.) I'm given a list of options -- like do nothing, important with Win Photo, open directory, import with ACDSee, *and* Import using Lightroom).  However, when I plug in my Hero4, I'm given several options, but *not* the option to import using Lightroom.


      Over the last year, I've made the transition to use Lightroom as the basis of my management and important -- EVERYTHING goes to LR first and then I move it elsewhere as needed.


      Certainly I can do it all the old fashioned way -- I could either just insert the micro sd car or I could manually open LR and then tell it to import, but I really like the automatic option -- and don't understand why it would be missing specifically for the GoPro.


      Does anyone have any insight?  I'd really appreciate it.  I'm still learning the GoPro (I was using the Contour.com cams in the past) so I admit that there's a small learning curve here, but solving this tiny issue would go a long ways to speeding me up