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    Blur Tool Problem - Random Lines (Adobe CC 2014.2.1 Release)




      I'm hoping that I haven't ticked some obscure option, but I have been using the Blur Tool in Photoshop CC for a while and after the most recent update have had issues with it - basically, when I try to use it to blur a specific area, it randomly goes all over the place (as if I'd grabbed the mouse and moved it rapidly in a random direction).  Obviously if I can't use the blur tool with precision (well, any tool really!) it makes it hard to work!


      Some interesting notes / observations:

      1. The sharpen tool works perfectly - only sharpens where I point it, which makes me think that it's not an issue with my mouse.  No other tools I use have the issue either - only the blur tool!!
      2. I have no other pointing devices plugged in (I had a pen tablet plugged in - long story, prefer the mouse over the tablet :-)) so it's not some other pointing device making noise.


      Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it?


      Thanks - blurring and then going into the layer to delete the random lines of blur is getting tiresome - and it's not very precise either.