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    CC not available in your region (Hong Kong)


      I am trying to sign up for Creative Cloud and I keep stalling on the first screen, with the following:


      ""Purchase Unavailable

      Creative Cloud Membership isn't currently offered in your country or region (China), but if you like, we can notify you when it becomes available. If you no longer live in this country or region, login to update your account or create a new Adobe ID for your current country of residence. For a list of countries in which Creative Cloud is available, please visit our Tech specs and Language availability page.""


      I have accessed my account and have no option to change my location.  I have changed the location at the bottom of the screen but it still says I am registered in China.  In fact I am in HONG KONG and want an English interface.  Furthermore the notice suggests looking at the Tech specs for the countries available, but that only lists the languages available, no restrictions on countries..


      It is important I stay in 'Hong Kong', not least because this is where I am, but also because it is VAT free and so should be a cheaper product.


      So, how and where can I change my account preferences?


      And if I do manage to sign up from a different region, will I still be able to use CC when I am physically in Hong Kong, or even China?  Not very impressed with this global business, so far.