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    Unable to select same Graphic style on pasted eps


      I open an eps.

      Copy the whole graphic.

      Open correct template and paste copied graphic.

      The template has Graphic styles with same fill and stroke (no other attributes exist) as in pasted graphic.

      However, I cannot select elements in pasted graphic based on Graphic Style even though pasted graphic contains elements with same stroke and fill.

      I cannot select on same stroke and fill either.


      I checked Document Colour Mode and made sure it was RGB Color.

      However, when I select the element and double click Color Picker the initial window is showing New Color 1100 so I suspect even though the same style illustrator is assigning the element color and stroke as new.


      This selection process is a step in an action for applying styles and has worked - then it doesn't.


      Probably something simple is changing parameters but appreciate suggestions as to where the issue might lie.


      This is old CS2 on Mac PPC G5 but still pays for itself doing simple processing of output files.


      Any advice appreciated as many hours trying to figure this out.


      Thank you