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    Wacom Art Pen Brush Rotation problem.

    coronalwave Level 1

      I have a wacom 4 wireless tablet with an Art Pen so that I can set the angle to rotation.  I'm using Photoshop CC2014, but my problem was the same in CS6.  The outline of the brush that allows me to see it rotates, but only when its hovering.  As soon as the outline of the brush touches the canvas, it freezes.  The brush ITSELF still rotates as it touches the canvas and makes a mark (which can be seen clearly when I adjust the spacing), but the outline that shows where the brush is freezes until I lift it off the tablet.  At that point it snaps back to its proper orientation.


      I have already gone into preferences> cursors, with "Full Size Brush Tip" on and checked the box "Show Only Crosshairs While Painting".  This makes me think that perhaps Photoshop can't display the brush outline while actually painting.  Too much memory?  I also use Corel Painter 12- the outline stays on even when the brush is in contact with the canvas.  


      Is there a way to keep the outline oriented correctly while painting in Photoshop, or is this an inherent limitation in the program?


      Thank you.  I appreciate any help the community can give me.