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    Book files stored in Creative Cloud not syncing

    rsantiago001 Level 1

      Hi everyone!


      We are working on a project that is stored in Creative Cloud to take advantage of collaborative workflow. Everything is working fine so far.


      I've just created a book and added a few files so that I can sync styles, master pages, etc. This is working flawlessly on my end so far.


      The problem comes when another teammate tries to open the book file I've created on his/her end. The book opens but it is empty (no documents listed at all). However if a send the book file to them via email or store it on a network drive and they open it everything works perfect.


      So the problem seems to be related with Creative Cloud not syncing the book files properly. Any clue on the matter? We must store the project files on Creative Cloud so work from a network drive is not an option for us.