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    Won't Publish When Contains Audio

      I've got a presentation that publishes just fine when there is no audio. But when I import audio (wav or mp3) and then try to publish, the publish process just stops after the "Parsing Powerpoint file" process is complete. If I publish without zip files, the result is a data folder with all sorts of goo in it and a tagtrans.xml file which is empty. 0 bytes.

      I tried reinstalling the MS xml thinger: http://www.adobe.com/go/c82d45db. But that didn't fix it.

      This is driving me bonkers.
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          barleykins Level 1
          I did a little more testing and here's what I found. If your audio files reside on a network server (regardless of where your presentation resides), the publish process will crash when trying to access the audio. I had to copy my audio files from the server to my hard drive and import them to the presentation. Then it published ok. Go figure.