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    How can I stop Fireworks CS6 from putting 109mb into user profiles?


      Hi everyone.

      I have a site license for CS6 that covers my network. Currently I have 1,200 users on my network, and about 1,000 of them are going to be using Fireworks over the next year.


      However I have a bit of an Issue. Fireworks CS6 creates a file in "User Area > My Settings > Adobe > Fireworks CS6" that is 109mb in size. The issue is that once all of the users on my network have run Fireworks, I'm going to be looking at 109 GB of wasted storage space.


      Any idea why this is happening? Our older versions (CS3 and CS5) have only put 1.42mb and 2.6mb respectively into user areas. None of the other CS6 programs seem to dump more than 5mb into there.


      Anyone know of a way to change/remove this requirement?