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    Disconnecting from a NetGroup without closing it?.

    LeaPaul Level 1

      I need be able to disconnect from a NetGroup, but the only method I know for that is close(), however, it says that it closes also the group and it then becomes unusable.


      Is there any way for a member of a group to disconnect without closing the entire NetGroup for everyone?, or am I misunderstanding something?.



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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          NetGroup.close() closes your NetGroup object, making that object unusable.  there's no such thing as closing a group -- the group ceases to exist when the last member leaves.


          if you make multiple NetGroup (or NetStream) objects for the same group in the same NetConnection, there's only one group membership for that.  the NetGroup & NetStream objects can be thought of access portals for the under-the-hood group membership for the NetConnection.  the NetConnection leaves the group when there are no more NetGroup or NetStream objects for that group still open in the NetConnection.