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    Problems installing Flash Player Updates

    tex_ka95 Level 1

      I run a network of 50+ Win7 Pro x64 PCs.  I use System Center Config Manager to deploy Flash Player updates.  I recently deployed an update (whatever came right before but forgot to cancel the deployment of the previous update, so two version of the Flash player were flip flopping on staff computers until I realized the problem.  Now Flash doesn't work on anyone's computer, even after deploying yet another update (  It says Flash isn't even installed if I go to the Adobe Flash Player help page, although it does show up in Programs list on the PCs.


      How can I fix this without visiting each computer manually?  Can I automate the removal of Flash and then re-deploy it from scratch? 


      I even manually installed Flash Player on my personal PC, and SCCM is STILL trying to deploy the same version over and over again.  The MSI is so dumb it can't even tell that the latest version is already installed.


      It's ridiculous how brittle this stupid plugin is.  Nice job Adobe.