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    PRE9 shuts PC down whilst rendering



      I'm having a problem, it never used to happen until recently.

      When I'm building a video file, everything seems fine until I start to render.

      After about 10mins rendering, the pc shuts down.

      When I reboot and look in the event logs, there is nothing logged when the pc shut down.

      However when I reboot the log tells me the time the pc shutdown and says it was unexpected.

      I'm running Win7 Home premium 64-bit.

      AMD Athlon X3 with 6gb ram.

      I have at least 60gb of hard drive space where I am compiling the video.

      I have tried different formats for the video from Pal dvd widescreen to H.264 1920 x 1080.

      I have even tried burning to a DVD file.

      Tried different videos, re-installed PRE9.

      Rebuilt the pc with a fresh copy of WIN7.

      Still the same result.