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    Lightroom fails to import metadata from *some* photos

    Dr-Glenn Level 1

      I have many JPEG photos with ratings embedded in XMP. These were created with ACDSee, not with LR. I have found that LR will sometimes fail to import the ratings.

      Please note, this is NOT a problem with RAW files, these are JPEG, so the XMP is embedded, not sidecar.


      Here is what happened:


      • I recently installed LR 5.6 (Windows 7 64-bit), imported all photos and checked some directories to see if XMP ratings had been imported. Yes, they had.
      • But then I went to one directory that had only 35 photos in it. I saw that only a few had ratings. Went back to ACDSee and saw that this was correct (I had not rated most photos); also confirmed with EXIFtool.
      • So I added ratings for all the photos in this directory using ACDSee, and embedded that metadata into photos. EXIFtool confirms that it is there.
      • Back into LR. Select all photos in directory. Perform Metadata/Read from File (not positive if that is the exact menu text, cannot confirm right now).
      • Many of the files without ratings now show the ratings that I had set in ACDSee. Many, but not all!
      • I selected photos that still did not show ratings in LR and again tried to read metadata. No luck.


      Q: What can I do to fix this? I guess there is some issue about conflict between the LR catalog (database) and the XMP that is embedded in the files.


      I also had a prior discussion around this topic, but it's not directly applicable to this question.