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    RAW output to an adobe rgb and srgb look identical in bridge but different in PS on wide gamut monitor.


      Photoshop CS6.  Wide gamut HP LP2475w monitor.  Spider 3 Elite calibrated.  Working space adobe rgb.  When outputting a raw to Adobe RGB jpg it looks a bit whacked with color blotches/jumps in PS.  The sRGB of it does not.  BUT......in bridge they look identical.  The adobe rgb jpg almost acts like viewing an image in a non-color aware browser on a wide gamut monitor.  Like bridge shows it right but photoshop is showing it whacked out.  I can't tell what is lying to me and if there is even a problem with the image.  Here is a half second 2 frame gif alternating between the two from a screen cap.  http://www.extremeinstability.com/hmm.gif  Abrupt blotchy color changes with the adobe rgb when viewed in photoshop.  And again, when you look at the two images in bridge they don't show that, they look identical.