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    Fraud BIG TIME from adobe


      This is it.

      Do WHAT I WANT and i have invest / paid . 

      My subscription to cc with two seats has been canceled the past two months for unknown reason. I have posted this problem before with title "problem with payment".

      After 4 days without any of the apps working (this [] my shop and work entirely) i got a help from 24x7 support.

      They offer me a solution to pay 500 us dollars for getting cs6, which i did. I asked if its the same with cc and he said YES. This is not cool at all. I payed extra money for downgrade, I have been tricked and lied. I want CC 2014. Is that clear ADOBE. I have been a customer since cs3. And i stud up for legal apps many times.

      I have spend a lot of money the past 2 year for subscription and i will accept no less than the latest software.


      It gets worse though.

      I have to open every [] file in one mont period from the last 10 years of work so i can have access from CS6. ARE YOU SERIOUS. WHAT IN THE NAME OF JESUS. 

      So i want my money back that i payed  for CS6.

      And make the subscription work.


      NO LESS THAN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      1. You lied

      2. You took me out of business for days

      3. You fooled me and took extra money for downgrade

      4. You were extremely late with support



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