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    RH11 Cannot open to a specific topic / map id




      We're using RH11 and the javascript API to show our context sensative help pages, we recently upgraded from RH10 and now the help window always opens to the default topic instead of the specified one.


      From script we call RH_ShowHelp(0, helpPath + "/CSH/iSupportHelp.htm>SecondaryWindow", HH_HELP_CONTEXT, mapId);


      That call generates this url and opens it in a new window: http://localhost/rep/Help/CSH/iSupportHelp.htm#<id=16>>wnd=SecondaryWindow

      The new window then does further processing and gets the final URL of: http://dev-anelson/Rep/Help/CSH/iSupportHelp.htm#<id=16%3E%3Ewnd%3DSecondaryWindow&t=Overview%2FiSupport_Overview.htm which is our default topic, not the topic mapped to id/number 16.

      My best guess is that the issue appears to be inside loadcsh.js which tries to load a topic based on the url parameter "rhmapno" and "rhmapid", which are not used anywhere else in robohelp scripts, after those both fail to find the topic, it falls back to the default.



      I can get it to work if I make this change in RoboHelp_CSH.js. Inside the ShowWebHelp function I changed


      if (uCommand == HH_HELP_CONTEXT) {

         a_pszHelpFile = strHelpPath + "#<id=" + nMapId;



      to this


      if (uCommand == HH_HELP_CONTEXT) {

         a_pszHelpFile = strHelpPath + "?rhmapno=" + nMapId + "#<id=" + nMapId;




      Does anyone know if this is a bug, if my workaround is valid, or what else may be going on here?