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    Windows 7 color display issue


      Hello everyone,


      Any help is appreciated.


      I have a color display issue that started recently. I can't think of any event that may have triggered it. It didn't seem to start after I updated or anything (both Windows updates and Adobe updates were applied around the same time, but I can't be sure if either happened right when this change occured).



      Adobe products display colors differently than they used to and also differently than other, non-adobe, products (ie Powerpoint). The colors seem desaturated.


      System info:

      Window 7 Service Pack 1 - 64 bit

      Adobe Creative Cloud 2014.1

      Issue is present in all Adobe products


      As far as I know, my settings have not changed. I've compared them with my co-workers' who are not experiencing the same issues. I don't believe this has anything to do with my monitor or video card, since other applications are displaying the colors "correctly". This is a usability problem as it makes it difficult to estimate how colors will look printed or on other people's monitors.

      adobe color difference capture.PNGadobe color settings.PNG



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          I have recently noticed something similar to this. In Win 7 color settings I was using ProPhoto RGB color setting. I was using Photoshop to put a red text title on a picture but couldn't get it to look red. It looked pale red almost pinkish even though I inserted the correct number for red. The red looked perfectly fine in a thumbnail pic, but not when I opened it. I went and changed Win 7 color settings to Color Match RGB and it did help some. But then I noticed that when watching some of the tutorials videos on Adobe that the colors looked fine until I maximized the video and then it looked pale and bright. I switched to Apple RGB and it seems to work fine now. But I'm still not sure if it is correct, or which settings I should be using. I am using a 65" Vizio Flat Screen TV at the foot of my bed as a monitor. I have adjusted the picture settings on my TV also. These combinations of solutions seem to have fixed the problem.

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            anddavmil Level 1

            The problem with mine is that if I change Windows color settings, then Adobe products might look correct, but then everything else, including the user interface would be oversaturated.



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              anddavmil Level 1

              After some time on the phone with an Adobe tech, we've determined that something is wrong (or different) with how my computer is displaying content using the sRGB profile. We've turned off color management in Adobe's color settings and it has returned all files to displaying as they should (or closer to how they should). I also tried different color profiles and noticed that Adobe RGB also looked better. Apple RGB looked a little like sRGB and ProPhoto looked oversaturated. I also tried downloading a new version of the sRGB profile, but that looked like the other sRGB profile.


              So, for now, I guess I'll keep the color management features off until I can figure out what is wrong with my color profiles. If anyone knows of anything that can affect the color profiles in Windows 7, I would appreciate any leads.

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                Hi, I was wondering if you found a solution to your issue. I ask because I'm having the same problem in Windows7 and Adobe CC.