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    How to keep unaltered the last line?


      Hi I am doing some last corrections in a book which is going to be in the next days published and I am not allowed to change the form of the pages. (The indexes at the end of book are already done). Thus by correcting some footnotes (making them shorter) the main text above also changes (the first line of the next page appears in the page I corrected the footnotes) and I cannot keep the previous form of the pages. How can I keep the last line of the main text unaltered so that the pages turn exactly at the same point like before?

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          maiyo8 Level 1

          If I am understanding your issue correctly, it seems that you are trying to keep the length of each page's main content  unaltered so that the index could refer back to the correct page.  It sounds like the content in each page's frames are linked, so that they flow continuously.  Adding a page break (or a frame break) may be what you're looking for.  You'll find it under Type > Insert Break Character.

          I hope this helps.  And good luck with your book!

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            Thanosdesp Level 1

            Hi and thank you very much! Thus I am now confronted with another problem. By applying page brake if it is a word there which has a syllable division the division line disappears so that I have an orthographic error: e.g. if the last word is "marketing" and is being devided:


            Before: End of current page: marke-

            Start of next page: ting.


            After applying your sollution:

            End of current page: marke

            Start of next page: ting.


            How can I keep the last word without devision?