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    Different Problems generating the index




      I try to generate the index for my book, which I layoutet with InDesign.


      Now I'm facing two problems.


      Problem 1: The pages-numbers are wrong. The first two pages of the book, the front cover and the backsite of it, doesn't have any numbers and so the introduction of the book begins with "page 1". I solved this with chapters. Now, if I look for the headline of page 43 in the index I see "Headline ... page 45". This is because InDesign also counts the cover and its backsite.


      Problem 2: If I separated a heading with Enter it will show up two times as different entries in the index. If I seperate a heading with Shift+Enter InDesign destroys the index and also separates the heading in two lines, but only as one connected entry. Additionaly it stretches the entries in the index over the complete line because of justification.


      Any solutions