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    Will I still be able to get CS upgrades on DVD?


      We live in an isolated rural area in the Sierra with bandwidth limited internet service (which is faster and more reliable in our area than satellite). One upgrade of Adobe Acrobat (940mb) wiped out our bandwidth limit for the month and our service dropped down to dial-up speed. My husband begged to buy more bandwidth, but there's only so much room. I could not download my current version of CS6 and had to get a DVD form Adobe. We don't even have a landline. Cell only.


      To get high speed wifi, I must drive to the closest coffee shop about 30 miles away. We will never get high speed internet here. Not in my lifetime anyway.


      Does anyone know if Adobe will still offer DVDs of the upgrades to CS? I hope so, because the Cloud probably won't work for most of rural America.


      Fingers crossed, Adobe won't abandon its loyal rural users.