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    Invalid media. Cannot create file" popup when generating

    Priddell Level 1

      Okay, the background. I'm currently using RoboHelp HTML, with the latest updates as I write this, having updated from RoboHelp HTML 9. (I know that people will ask, and I understand, so I'm stating as much information up front to ensure that nobody has any questions of their own.) My main RoboHelp project is broken down into eight separate subprojects, with an output of CHM and WebHelp HTML files. In addition, my supervisor had an issue with viewing the new RoboHelp 11-generated HTML files in Google Chrome, so I found and added the RH11 files recommended by RoboHelp Help (WebHelp issues in RoboHelp versions 10 and 11). Immediately after doing this, though, I cannot generate WebHelp files.As soon as I select between any of the WebHelp Settings menu, a popup appears that reads "Invalid media. Cannot create file", followed with the directory path of the project's main .htm page.  Short of reinstalling RoboHelp HTML, what options do I have to be able to generate a valid set of WebHelp files?