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    Adobe Professional cs6 Symbol and Keyframes problem


      I have a symbol within a symbol with 16- frames animated fireball with special visual effects. If I press Ctrl Enter it showing me fire animation looping, but I want to make an animation on main timeline and how to do it? On main Timline this animations has only one layer and only one keyframe.ss+(2014-11-19+at+11.18.53).jpgss+(2014-11-19+at+11.19.17).jpgss+(2014-11-19+at+11.20.24).jpgss+(2014-11-19+at+11.21.10).jpgss+(2014-11-19+at+11.21.17).jpgss+(2014-11-19+at+11.21.44).jpgss+(2014-11-19+at+11.22.32).jpg