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    Layer comps to files with auto trim

    El Duderino

      Hi there,

      I am using the modified 'Comps to files.jsx' script to export my layer comps (using the label of the layer comp as my file name)



      It is a great script and makes my worklfow so much easier.

      The only thing missing for me is a trim option when I run this script. as some of the layer comps have different heights

      After I run the script, I have to manually crop all the jpgs in PS and then save them out again.

      In the default 'Layers to Files' script that comes with PS, there's an option to auto trim png's when exporting the layers

      I am thankful for any help on any of these questions I have.

      - Is there something similar for layer comps?

      - I've modified the original 'Comps to files' script and I now have the option (if I choose png as my file type) to trim the layer, but when I open the exported file it din't crop it.

      - Is there an option to auto trim jpgs?


      Thank you