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    Page Information Issue When Printing


      Hello everybody,


      I'm a first-time user of the Adobe forums, so please try and bear with me, in case this question has come up way in the past. I didn't find anything while searching.  I'm currently trying to print some documents with InDesign, and the Page Information feature seems to not be working (this feature is a check box located under Marks and Bleed in the print settings). When checked, it's supposed to print at the bottom of the file, the filename and the date it was printed. Obviously, a simple workaround would just be add a date and version in the master page, but since this is an internal project and it will be getting updated constantly, I'd like to try and avoid that.


      I would note that not all of my files aren't cooperating with this feature, just a select few. Most of the files that use this feature work just fine. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.