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    Best SDI card for 10-bit playback? Better yet, a USB 3 device for it?

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      Hi Guys,


      Having some issues with our Decklink 4K Extreme card, getting "blackmagicio.sys" blue screen, Win 7 Pro 64 right after boot and things initialize.  Thoughts on issue, or any have another fast and solid 10-bit PCIe / USB 3 solution to replace (it works fine on other machines)?  Rig is Dual Xeon v3, 64GB RAM, dual K5200 CPUs, Z10PE-D8 mainboard.


      I know it's Premiere Forum but this seems a good place to ask about cards / USB 3 solutions.  Thanks - this forum is awesome.



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          What bios are you running on that board? What slots are the video cards in? BTW I assume the K5200 your referencing are the Quadro video cards? Try taking out the 2nd Quadro card and see if your still getting the BSOD. If the card is working on another system then your looking at resource issues for the Blackmagic card and the current bios on that board. That normally requires so testing in each slot and changing the video cards around to see if resource mapping changes resolve the issue. What ram are you using btw? Do you have the option to move to Win 8.1?




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            bensmith90068 Level 1

            Excellent points - I will check the BIOS but am almost certain we don't have the 602 BIOS onboard:


            Z10PE-D8 WS Formal BIOS 0602 release
            1. Fixed LSI 9240-8i having yellow mark on the device manager.

            2. Add a new 3D VGA card in list of
            3. Add PCI resources auto-adjustment mechanism for avoid some out of resource issuses.

            Maybe worth giving ASUS a call about what EXACTLY they mean, as 3D VGA and the "PCI Resources" comment seem very pertinent.  Thanks too for tip re moving cards.  So re the Quadro K5200s onboard - you think move K5200 #2 from slot 3 to to slot 5 or 7 and put the Decklink in slot 3?  Worth a try...


            Reverting back to Windows 7 cleared right up the flickering and "card not recognized" issues we were having with After Effects CC 2014 in Win 8.1 Pro so now want to just get SDI issue squared away.


            Prominent side note, NVIDIA profile of David Fincher on Gone Girl is clear about using K5200 GPUs with Pr AND Ae CC, but the K5200 is only "certified" with Premiere Pro on the Adobe site, not After Effects...maybe worth asking Todd Kopriva about....


            So you'd recommend Win 8.1 Pro instead?  I suppose maybe worth formatting a new OS disk once BIOS are updated.  Thanks a lot Eric.



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              That means they updated the resource charts for the IME and bios for newer video cards such as the 900 series cards. The Bios has to map out memory resource ranges and such to initialize the cards. Those resources get mapped into the IME chart which is built by the bios and handed off the to OS. If the resources are not available then often the devices wont initialize. If the resources assigned are given to another device in the same class and the driver doesn't allow resource ranges to alter to something not in use then you get the BSOD that your running into for critical class devices.


              Well 8.1 is far better suited for the resource mapping your running into and likely how Asus tested the board. Often times the R&D departments such as Intel move over to the latest OS and stop testing on the previous. Yes I know that doesn't make sense but none the less they often do it.


              You have to understand that Nvidia makes the most money on the Quadro workstation cards. They have a vested interest in selling them. That doesn't make them the best solution though for Adobe. The supported list is simply what Adobe has tested. That doesn't mean all other Nvidia cards don't work. Actually any Nvidia card works if it has atleast 1GB of vram. The Quadro cards provide nothing extra but 10 Bit color preview which you get from the Blackmagic cards. GPU acceleration performance is decided by the raw specs of the cards ie Cuda cores, clock speed of cores and vram, ram bandwidth, and amount of vram to some extent with some media. The Geforce cards have the better specs on the higher end cards and are the only 900 series cards out right now. The 900 series cards also have HDMi 2.0. None of the Quadro or 700 series Geforce cards do. You would be far better off with 2x 980GTX cards or 1 Quadro K5200 for display output only and a 980GTX card for GPU acceleration. Also the 900 series Titan cards are coming soon and those are going to be Monster cards with far greater specs than anything else out. I would plan on switching to those since you went with a Dual Xeon V3 system.


              BTW Which Xeon CPU's did you get? 64GB of ram is not enough for Dual Xeons with 2 video cards. You really need 128GB to really make use of all those cores in AE and Dual GPU's in Premiere . If your using Davinci as well or C4D you definitely want more ram. What Quadro Driver did you install?