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    Problems color temperature


      Good afternoon, today I noticed something strange between the camera settings and Adobe Camera Raw

      I did last night is a night shots and put the white balance K to 6000 and what is my surprise to open the Adobe Camera Raw settings to see "as made" in 5500



      The color space in the chamber is AdobeRGB, and in theory, the Adobe Camera Raw you should open as taken in the camera, but I get a lower value.

      A while ago I tried to put 4500k and again, when opening in Adobe Camera Raw gave me less value. this time to 4250 ...



      I do not understand what can happen, the values of PS I have not changed, except for something that has nothing to do with this plugin, I think. So that is not what is failing.

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          The color space you set in your camera is totally, utterly irrelevant for raw files and for Adobe Camera Raw (ACR).  They're only for images you record as JPEGs.


          As for other settings, ACR ignores a lot of those too, deliberately.


          ACR is not designed to emulate your camera manufacturer's at all, but to present you with the most natural and accurate colors possible, not the over-saturated, over-contrasty images that appeal to most amateurs, which is what the camera manufacturers do.


          That said, the initial rendering and settings are just a starting point.  You need to study, learn and master ACR.  Then you can emulate any "look" you desire.