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    Using the Captivate rd commands in Actionscript

    Dan McAdam Level 1
      I'm using Flash to house multiple Captivate generated swf files (sequenced and identified by an XML file at startup)
      For example: I use buttons in the Flash "shell" file to navigate through the Captivate 'slides'
      btn_next1.onRelease = function() {
      if ((isCaptivate == "true") && (curSlide != totalSlides)){
      presentation_mc.rdcmndNextSlide = 1;
      ***** incomplete code example ************
      I'm having problems getting the command: presentation_mc.rdcmndNextSlide = 1;
      to execute more than once when called in a For loop

      I'm having difficulty getting an accurate number when calling:
      to capture the current slide number

      the documentation indicates that rdinfoCurrentSlide should return the the current slide number using a zero based numbering system.
      I have found that the first slide number returned from rdinfoCurrentSlide is nearly always one (1) not zero (0)...

      I'm setting up a way to return to a specific slide in a specific swf when the user returns to that swf (this is in the context of an elearning system (LMS))